About AMC and Membership Questions

What is the AMC all about?
Dedicated to the education of The Academy body and its members, Chiropractic students, the Chiropractic patient, and general public about Chiropractic as the science and art of examining and adjusting by hand the movable articulations of the human spinal column for the correction of abnormalities and deformities of the body.  We desire to inspire and develop all people along Chiropractic lines, seek truth and improve professional good will with due consideration to all opinions and feelings.


How does one become a member of the AOMC?
The Academy has a one page Application for Membership Form. This must be completed with a current member and two board members recommending signatures. These forms are in every attending doctor folder at every seminar the AOMC offers.
Membership dues are $100 per year. These dues are waived if you pay to attend that year’s seminar. Therefore, it is free membership with registered attendance at our seminar.


What does membership allow me?
As a general member of the Academy, you may attend all meetings of the Academy. At the General Membership meeting, you may speak and vote on all motions put to the attendees. Upon your request to the President, Vice President or Secretary, you may also attend and comment at any Board Meeting. At Board meetings, only Board members may vote.


What if I can’t attend the seminar one year?
We understand that our seminar dates may not always work with your schedule. To remain an active member in good standing you would then pay to the Academy’s Treasurer $100.00


How does membership work if I am not a Missouri Chiropractor?
The current AMC bi-laws state that you can be a general member of the Academy even if you are not a practicing doctor in Missouri. All dues remain the same whether a Missouri doctor or a non-Missouri doctor. These bi-laws are under review; however, currently non-Missouri doctors are not allowed to be Board Members of the Academy. During the 2018-2019 year, the board is looking to amend the Academy’s bi-laws to allow for non-Missouri doctors to take a leadership role in the Academy. We are also looking to change the name of the Academy to the Academy of Mid-West Chiropractors to better accommodate our growing numbers.


When is the General Meeting?
The General Meeting is held at the seminar on Saturday during Lunch. All who attend the seminar and/or members in good standing may attend this meeting. Once again only Members may vote at this meeting.