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Dr. Daniel Murphy Dr. Daniel Murphy


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Academy of Missouri Chiropractors
April 2018
Dan Murphy, DC


Whiplash and Spinal Trauma
4 Hours

Hour# 1:
Using standard measurement outcomes to document injury, clinical status, and medical necessary.
Daily charting, re-evaluations, and establishing maximum improvement.

Hour# 2:
A. Overview relating whiplash trauma, neurological function, and chiropractic healthcare.
B. Discuss cell membrane trauma and arachidonic cascade to prostaglandin E2.

Hour# 3:
A. Discuss specific aspects of the “S” shaped cervical spine configuration during whiplash trauma, and the resulting injury to the disc and facet joint capsules.
B. Discuss the significance of other factors that affect patient injury, including awareness, head/neck rotational, and pre-accident degenerative joint disease.
C. Review the concepts on patient injury at occurring at low speed collisions.
D. Review studies on whiplash injury prognosis.
E. Review a studies on chiropractic management of late whiplash syndrome.

Hour# 4:
A. Discuss the Gate Theory of Pain.
B. Review the acute pain pathway from receptor to cortex.
C. Review the mechanical pathway from receptor to cortex, and its relationship to pain inhibition.

Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration
4 Hours

Cover the diagnosis of traumatic brain injury
Cover the pathophysiology of traumatic brain injury:
Inflammation, free radicals, and excitotoxicity

Discuss a brain injury management protocol
Discuss brain injury nutrition

Discuss the pathology of post-traumatic neurodegenerative brain disorders (Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc.)
Medium chain saturated fats and ketones

Discuss general dietary and supplement science and application.
Discuss the management of brain trauma and brain neurodegeneration:

Prolonging The Healthspan
4 Hours

Glycosylation: learn what it is and what it does to the aging process, including disc degeneration.
Learn the key factors in preventing glycosylation.

Hormesis: Learn what it is and how it applies to lifestyle choices and longevity.

Telomeres: Understand what they are, causes of shortening, strategies for lengthening

Inflammation: Understand the “Theory of Everything” related to innate health, what it is, what are its causes how to measure it, and how to manage it.



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