Dr. Dean DePice

Dr. Dean DePice Dr. Dean DePice

 Aligned ContinCourse Objective: INSPIREuing Education A.C.E. Program
CE Course Outline
Dr. Dean L. DePice

Course Objective:
A.C.E. Program draws together the most current research in science and philosophy the objective of which is to advance the doctors’ impact upon patient outcomes through greater knowledge of chiropractic’s safety, effectiveness and certainty in case management.

Statement of Purpose:
To provide current, valuable research on subjects such as health reform, wellness, and strokes that will enhance the doctor’s ability to provide optimal healthcare for the patients’ mind and body.
To navigate the healthcare options for optimal outcomes.
To teach the doctor the ability to critically evaluate research and apply its usefulness to patient outcomes.
This course clarifies, articulates and substantiates how the inseparability of science and philosophy is not a chiropractic debate or consideration but an indisputable part of advancing healthcare and comprehension regardless of healthcare specialty, discipline or personal position on such issues.

Overview of Course:
Present research done in the medical model that acknowledges the public demand for a non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical option for care and particularly the public’s demands for chiropractic. To critically evaluate research and the perspectives from which it is performed, recorded, written and interpreted.
Study and assess research for its merits and shortfalls in an unbiased round table facilitation thus forcing the participants to form their own positions on assessment and defense according to their perspectives.
Facilitate the reading of research in group in order to attempt to assess the intentions (objectives) and impressions (findings) of the researcher, and the effects which the objectives of the researcher and team (potentially) has on the results achieved within the studies presented. We will train participants in how to determine if research is valid or flawed and whether it’s basis for study are cause or effects centered (maintaining that both have merit).
Position the usefulness of science to the practicing doctors, both in research and in practice as not merely a means for information but enhanced patient outcomes and engagement.
Intensify our profession’s support for more research in wellness care and vitalistic models not merely pain models. To facilitate the participants to propose paths of intended study and research based on information they determine as critically important to the benefit of the patients as well as the chiropractic profession as it labors to move forward and prove usefulness.
Apply this information directly to patient benefits within “real-time” passages. To perform exercises in discussing and debating how knowledge, positioning of interpretation of research, use of research and propagation of new research can benefit a patient’s recovery. To strengthen the participant’s ability to debate, discuss and intelligently critique research for its authenticity, quality, application and usefulness.


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